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  1. The Party of the FIRST PART, the service provider shall make available to the SECOND PART 1 +3 replacement/alternative staff within 12 months after the selection of first candidate by the party of the SECOND PART.
  2. Registration amount is for Registration of Client and will not be included in commission amount.
  3. The Party of Second Part is liable to pay Commission amount equivalent to maid’s 1 month salary on same day of placement. This commission is additional to monthly salary of maid.
  4. Second Part Payment {Remaining Payment} Shall be due after 2 days of service. Service Receiver Needs to clear the Balance and receive verification file of maid within 24 hours.
  5. Police Verification Along With Agency Verification Will be Provided Once Final Payment is Received.
  6. The service provider have verified the bonafides of the candidates available for the job, still the employer should be cautions and alter while selecting as well as during continuance of employment of the candidate.
  7. The remuneration/salary of the candidate selected for the job must be fixed by the employer only and the PARTY of the FIRST PART shall not interfere in fixing or payment of salary.
  8. The employer has to pay the salary for such days worked by maid or other staff. Once a maid or any other staff has worked for his employer, the employer has to pay the agreed salary for the number of days worked without any excuse and the Party of the FIRST PART, along with the candidate worked has the right to get their payment. Incase of non payment agreement is deemed to be terminated.
  9. If registration is cancelled within 6 months, after providing the staff. Out of Commission amount 50% will be deducted and only balance 50% will be refunded, only in case where service provider is not able to provide maid.
  10. If Service Reciever Takes Any Service Without Clearing 2nd  Part Payment Or Without receiver Verification file or Without Informing Service Provider directly from the maid then service provider will Not be Responsible for Any Accident Happening there after.
  11. Traveling cost/Transit expense needs to be borne by service receiver.
  12. If any candidate has been kept for in-house work like maid/ Aaya or attendant/ driver etc. then the employer has the right to check the bags or other belongings of the person. If such person is leaving the job. For any complaints of theft or loss/ robbery after leaving, the service provider shall not be responsible.
  13. The service provider shall assist/ co-operate with the employer in case of any Police Complaint maid for theft or robbery by any candidate provided by the service provider.